About Us

Herbal-Powers.com and its parent company have been offering science-backed natural remedies since 2001.   We were the first to introduce Tongkat Ali, Citrus Bergamot and Maqui supplements to the United States. We maintain relationships with research scientists and institutes to provide the highest quality supplements and further our research.  We visited Malayasia in 1999 to explore the Tongkat Ali (eurycoma longofilia) tree to better understand the properties it’s root extract has shown to allow your body to have access to more of its naturally produced testosterone.  Today our LJ100™  is  the leading tongkat ali ingredient.  The success of LJ100™ solidified our relationship with research scientists and providers in other parts of the world leading us to be the first introduce Tongkat Ali, Maqui berry and Citrus Bergamot in supplement forms, to the United States.


Our core product line of HP LifeScience supplements targets healthy support of the primary issues caused by Metabolic Syndrome: cholesterol, blood sugar,  pain relief, blood pressure, weight control, inflammation, aging, testosterone support as well as symptoms from auto-immune disorders.™  Our products are naturally pure and scientifically proven, manufactured at GMP certified facilities, based on ingredients that have been tested thoroughly for toxins, heavy metals, microbes and raw quality.  HP LifeScience supplements are super-premium and best in class.  www.herbal-powers.com also offers other products that complement the HP LifeScience line.


LJ100™ , Bergamonte™ and Paractin™ have been featured in editorials by the Health Sciences Institute.   Our Mucuna Pruriens with the highest percentage of L-dopa was featured by Natural News for its ability to inhibit cravings, featuring is support with the cravings associated with quitting smoking.


We receive outstanding testimonials from our customers consistent with our clinical studies and research summaries.  HP Lifescience products are recommended by Practitioners to their patients.  Diet and exercise are mandatory to reach your goals.  Adding the right supplements to your overall program will provide an efficient and healthy method to achieve your goals and extend an active lifestyle.


Customer Care is our number one priority.  All orders placed by 2pm EST will ship same day with research information on the product.  We offer exclusive specials for our www.herbal-powers.com family.  Simply create an account with a username and password and you will begin receiving helpful information on health issues and exclusive offers.


Please contact us at 1.877.903.9657 or sales@herbal-powers.com