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Herbal-Powers.com and its parent company have been offering science-backed natural remedies since 2001.We were the first to introduce Tongkat Ali, Citrus Bergamot and Maqui supplements to the United States. We maintain relationships with research scientists and institutes to provide the highest quality supplements and further our research.  We visited Malayasia in 1999 to explore the Tongkat Ali (eurycoma longofilia) tree to better understand the properties it’s root extract has shown to allow your body to have access to more of its naturally produced testosterone.  Today our LJ100™  is  the leading tongkat ali ingredient.  The success of LJ100™ solidified our relationship with research scientists and providers in other parts of the world leading us to be the first introduce Tongkat Ali, Maqui berry and Citrus Bergamot in supplement forms, to the United States.

Our core product line of HP LifeScience supplements targets healthy support of the primary issues caused by Metabolic Syndrome: cholesterol, blood sugar,  pain relief, blood pressure, weight control, inflammation, aging, testosterone support as well as symptoms from auto-immune disorders.™  Our products are naturally pure and scientifically proven, manufactured at GMP certified facilities, based on ingredients that have been tested thoroughly for toxins, heavy metals, microbes and raw quality.  HP LifeScience supplements are super-premium and best in class.  www.herbal-powers.com also offers other products that complement the HP LifeScience line.


 Free Testosterone Support†

Stamina, Energy, Libido†

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Advanced Pain Relief†



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#1 Antioxidant

 Inflammation Support†

Cardiovascular System



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Healthy Cardiovascular & Endocrine Systems†**

Published Human Studies
Stabilize Levels

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All Natural Sleep Aid!


Promotes Deeper Sleep†


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Full Spectrum Extract



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Omega-3 EPA+DHA Fish Oil

Diabetic Nutrients Support

Joint, Eye, Cardio†**

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Heart Health
Blood pressure, circulation, cholesterol and weight affects our cardiovascular health….
Weight Loss
Our weight affects our lifestyle by impacting circulation, blood pressure, improve your quality of life with these natural supplements….
Metabolic Syndrome
Metabolic Syndrome defines common health issues as we age, testosterone, weight, blood sugar, cholesterol, circulation, immune system, pain and blood pressure
Our bodies’ ability to perform at an optimal level while working out, at sports and recovery period rely heavily on our testosterone health. 
Blood Sugar
People with Type II Diabetes are 2 to 4 times more likely to experience cardiovascular issues. Improve your diet and exercise while adding supplements to help support healthy blood sugar levels.
Immune Support
Our body’s immune system is critical to our lifestyle by fighting symptoms of the common cold, inflammation and free radicals that affect our daily lives….
Testosterone Health
Testosterone is important to men and women. Proper levels increase our energy, libido, fitness and recovery. Explore natural ways to improve your testosterone health…
Energy levels, good mental health, low stress and positive testosterone levels will improve your quality life. Here are some ideas……
Inflammation/Pain Relief
Joint pain, back pain and most issues are due to inflammation. Our patented ParActin attacks pain at the base level and has seen amazing results with autoimmune diseases…
Health & Beauty
Healthy skin, circulation, eliminating free radicals, energy and pain relief will help enhance your natural beauty. Antioxidants are the leading supplement for anti-aging.